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    I enjoy F1 and usually watch each race but I was struck last year when watching that despite supporting Louis and therefore getting some satisfaction from him being out front, the only few seconds of excitement were at the start with him overtaking Nico.

    What we really want to see, especially with a born racer like Louis, is overtaking, so I started thinking about what format would provide that. I think there have been ideas along these lines before but not sure if this same suggestion has been made since DRS came in, or even if it has, whether the time has come. My thoughts were:

    (1)    Give points for positions in qualifying, sufficient to encourage getting the best position given the suggestion in item 2 below.

    (2)    Reverse the top 10 positions i.e. fastest in qualifying starts 10th, 2nd starts 9th etc. I don’t suggest reversing all positions for safety reasons. I’m assuming top 10 are good enough for this to be exciting and safe.

    (3)    Alongside this change the points system to provide sufficient points, along with the points from qualifying, to incentivise drivers to gain as many positions as possible.

    The points system would need some careful planning e.g. a big gap between 10th and 11th so that there is no incentive to hold back to be 11th

    It seems to me that this would have all the right attributes: excellent racing and therefore a media spectacle, overtaking key – therefore encouraging teams to develop this aspect of cars, more enjoyment and real racing for the drivers.

    Am I missing something is there any reason such a system wouldn’t work and be effective?

    I guess initially there may be some tracks that are poor for overtaking but these could remain as exceptions and use current format possibly. Alternatively why not choose the best few overtaking circuits to trial the above.

    I find the prospect of the above mouth watering! Grateful to know your thoughts.