There are two sections concerned with Ideas on Probably42, this one for Ideas Documents and the Ideas Blog sub-section, linked to from the menu below.

Ideas Documents - This section is for Ideas that are reasonably well-developed proposals e.g. a paper on a subject, or the output of a Pie and Pint meeting, or where the writer prefers to publish an initial idea as an uploaded document. You can also create Supporting Documents for additional information or reference documents that you want to make available or link to e.g. an explanation.

Ideas Blog - The Ideas Blog sub-section provides an alternative way of publishing ideas in an Ideas blog. It is especially appropriate for formative ideas where comments and interaction are wanted to develop it before publishing it as a proposal. However, you can also use it for highlighting a particular Ideas document you want to get comments on.

Guidelines - Please read the Ideas Guidelines before inputting any Papers or Proposals. We don't expect the guidelines to be rigorously adhered to for initial versions of documents when seeking early comment but once something is being put forward as a formal proposal then try and adhere to all relevant aspects of the guidelines.  

Display of Documents below - Documents below are displayed according to the date they were first published, with the most recent first. If you want to view them in alphabetical order, select the Browse Ideas tab in the menu below.  


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