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Pie and Pint MeetingProbably42 is about discussion and development of ideas face-to-face and via video conferencing, as well as offering interaction on the site.




Most of us enjoy a chat, often in a sociable setting, and putting the world to rights. We want to encourage that idea, both as an enjoyable activity and as a means of achieving something worthwhile.


Video conferencing


Like many others, during the Corronavirus outbreak we had to adapt to use videoconferencing. We found that worked surprisingly well even over a two-hour period. It still feels a sociable event with plenty of humour and the ideas generated are just as good. 


It was also beneficial in enabling us to extend the group to others in the country who were previously remote members of the group but are now fully involved. As a result we have set up a second group which is purely online and are intending to widen the participation further in this way with additional online groups.

How it works

We agree the topic we are going to discuss on email beforehand and one of us does some research to produce a short list of things we might want to discuss. Someone keeps a note of any good ideas and posts them on Probably42 afterwards.

As a group we have varied political views and we try and ensure we discuss the pros and cons of any ideas in a considered way, free from assertions and respectful of one another’s opinions – very much in line with the spirit of Probably42.

We’ve found that a small amount of discipline applied to our chats can turn them from inconsequential ramblings into practical ideas for improvement.

And that’s the objective: have a good time, discuss some big issue and if something useful does come out of it, publish it on Probably42 for others to comment on, add to, adopt etc.

If the ideas warrant it we send them to decision makers, usually after developing a further reasoned document to support it. We have also gradually built up a Manifesto of Ideas which is our flagship document.

Although we want to encourage a complete diversity of involvement, we would particularly recommend this as a very sociable retirement activity which is both enjoyable and useful and adds to keeping one’s mind active.

Join a Probably42 Discussion Group or set up your own

Now we are operating via video conferencing, it’s a great opportunity to get involved wherever you live in the UK. So if you think that you might like to join a group, just use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page and we’ll send you more details to help you make up your mind.

If you think you might like to set up your own group do take a look at our Meeting Hints and Tips page. We hope you’ll think it’s something you might like to try with some friends. You can set up a Group on Probably42 on this page (as long as you are a member and logged in) to publish any good ideas.

Probably42 is a very friendly, thoughtful place and we would very much welcome your involvement in any form.


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