About Us


If you haven’t already visited it, do take a look at the ‘About’ section in the main navigation, which gives you a complete overview of the site and what it is trying to achieve. 


Probably42 sits within The Knowledge Skills and Experience Foundation.  The Foundation is a non-profit making Social Enterprise organisation. 


At Probably42 we hope to develop a friendly community of interest amongst those who would like to engage in intelligent debate and use their Knowledge, Skills and Experience to develop well-thought through and practical proposals that benefit society.

A formative group of us originally met each month face-to-face to discuss, in a structured and balanced way, the major issues the UK faces and how to tackle them. We've evolved and expanded and now also meet using video conferencing and have a second UK wide group doing the same. The ideas generated are made visible here on Probably42, for others to contribute to, or to add their own ideas and are periodically assembled into a ‘Manifesto of Ideas’. This manifesto is then the centrepiece for making ideas visible to decision-makers.

Our aim is to encourage others, like yourself, to do the same, setting up or joining a discussion group, or even just contributing on the web. You’ll find the meetings are very enjoyable and sociable with plenty of humour, as well as producing some useful output. To find out more, take a look at our face-to-face section.

We hope you will join us and enjoy making a small contribution to providing the answer to life, the universe and everything!