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Transforming our Democracy and Political System for the 21st Century

November 21, 2019
Transforming our Democracy and Political System for the 21st Century Issue 2.0 February 2021.

When it comes to democracy our vote is a blunt instrument: we normally have no input on political policies, often have to vote for the least-worst party, or even rely on our perception of the principles and values of a political party. Our vote’s value depends on whether we live in a marginal or safe seat. The adversarial system of Parliament, confrontational politics and constant distortion all polarise opinions and bring politics and politicians into disrepute. The media exacerbate this confrontation and distortion. The focus is on discord rather than solutions. 

This document, an output of our political discussion groups, looks at existing political issues, the objectives of an improved Digital Democracy and Political System in the 21st century and political strategies and ideas for addressing these. A summary of these policy proposals is given below and explained in the document:

Introduce Majority Plus Voting – a new voting system that improves on both ‘First Past the Post’ and Proportional Representation

Establish Digital Democracy including: Advisory Digital Voting, Digital Identity cards for security; a Digital Ideas System and associated policy development process; combining aspects of Representative and Direct Democracy in the process.

Improve Diversity of Demographic Representation of our politicians

Enable Trusted Media Sources as part of tackling the negative aspects of the media.

Reorganise Government and Parliament including: Creating a Chamber of the Future focused on the long-term by replacing half the House of Lords to address the short-termism of politics; improving Devolved Political Decision making; addressing Adversarial Politics; introducing a written constitution.
Make Governing for all a reality including defining ‘Governing for all’ wellbeing measures and Tracking Progress visibly.
Introduce Principled Capitalism to change the balance of organisations' responsibilities in society
Create a National Fund and National Dividend Payment to make everyone feel they benefit from growth in the economy and as part of 'levelling Up'.
Set up a Retiree Foundation to harness retirees’ capabilities for the benefit of society
Reform the Civil Service to address the many limitations that have built up.