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Majority Plus Voting System - Proposal for a new UK Voting System

August 5, 2019

This document puts forward a proposal for a new UK Voting System to overcome the deficiencies of both 'First Past the Post' and 'Proportional Representation'. This version is version 1.9 taking in comments from a number of reviewers to add clarification. 

It is linked to other documents on improving our democratic system. In particular


Objectives of Majority Plus Voting

The only way to improve our voting system and gain general agreement is to come up with a new system that overcomes the above deficiencies of both FPTP and PR.
We have set the objectives of such a system as:

1. Everybody’s vote must matter and have an equal value
2. It must result in a Government that has an overall majority
3. It must provide representation in Parliament which better reflects the proportions of votes cast for smaller parties
4. It must not disadvantage any party compared to the current FPTP system
5. It must be easy to understand and operationally straightforward

Overall what we are seeking from this system is one where a Government can get on with the manifesto it was elected on, while still being held to account for its implementation, but without getting bogged down in adversarial two-party politics and opposition for the sake of opposition.