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  • A Proposal for Tackling the Negative Aspects of the MediaThis proposal builds on the separate discussion documents from Probably42 groups Deep Thought in 2017 and June 2020 and Zero Gravity in June 2020.
  • The Media and those aspects which have negative consequences for society

    Jun 12
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    This is the June 2020 output of the Deep Thought Group on the subject of the media and those aspects which have negative consequences for society.It encompasses and replaces the earlier document
  • May 21
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    This is a discussion paper on a proposal for a Retiree Foundation.  The objective of the Foundation is to release the potential of individuals in later life for their benefit and for the benefit of our society by providing a Retirement Infrastr..
  • This is the first output of the new Probably42 Group Zero Gravity. The first meeting of which took place online with videoconferencing software.  There is another output on the same topic of Elderly Social Care from the Probably42 Deep Thought d..
  • This is the output of Probably42 Group Deep Thought. There is a second output on the same topic from the new online discussion group Zero Gravity at:
  • Coronavirus situation as an opportunity for inspiration Output from Pie and Pint Meeting 38 and 39This document summarises some of the opportunities for the future as a result of both responses to the situation and because of the watershed opportun..
  • This document tackles the interlinked big issues of: Population Growth and in particular Immigration; how we balance our Land Usage; the related pressures on Infrastructure; and recognises the potential consequential impacts on Environment. It consi..
  • Immigration, Population Growth, Infrastructure and the Environment This document is the output from Pie and Pint Meeting 37
  • Output on Retirement and the need for a Retirement Infrastructure.Output from Pie and Pint Meeting 36. Note that a suggested Retirement Infrastructure will subsequently be produced.
  • Now the election is behind us and we are in to a new year, what does the outcome mean for us? In particular:  How can the Conservative Government capitalise on its substantial working majority to genuinely deliver ‘government for the good..