Proposals and Ideas


Display of Documents below - Documents below are displayed in alphabetical order. It may be the full list, or a list filtered by category, depending on the option you selected e.g. when you click on the menu item 'Considered Proposals'.


Document Categories - These are used to identify the status of a document. You can view a filtered A-Z list of just the documents in a category by clicking on the category name below:


  • Manifesto – Probably42’s flagship document bringing together the top transformative ideas in the form of a Manifesto of Ideas.
  • Considered Proposal - a formal output of Probably42 bringing together the best ideas on a subject and more often than not underpinning the transformative ideas selected for the Manifesto of Ideas.
  • Selected Discussion – a Discussion Meeting output which has been reviewed to qualify the ideas and temporarily underpins some aspect of the Manifesto, pending a Considered Proposal being written.
  • Discussion Output – outputs from Probably42 Discussion Meetings. These contain a mix of ideas without too much qualification of how good they are.
  • Discussion Input – useful facts, papers, or other information to support discussion.
  • Insight Document – papers on a topic which either inform or propose ideas. These may be standalone, or be a forerunner of a Considered Proposal.
  • Submission – any formal input of particular note to an external body
  • Superseded – documents replaced by new versions, or subsumed in later documents  


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