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A Manifesto for Society in the AI Future

February 4, 2021
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Updated November 2022. This document 'A Manifesto for Society in the Artificial Intelligence Future' version 7.3 is the flagship document of Probably42. It brings together the best transformative and pragmatic proposals of Probably42 in summary form. It is underpinned by the full range of other Considered Proposals and Discussion Documents.

It includes Transformative Strategies and Ideas in the following areas:


  1. Accelerating Innovation and Ensuring it Contributes Positively
  2. Updating the practice of Democracy and Government for the 21st century 
  3. Addressing the intertwined excesses of adversarial politics and the media 
  4. Re-balancing the role and responsibilities of business in an AI Society
  5. Re-thinking national housing and land
  6. Creating a national population and land usage plan
  7. Creating a 21st Century Health System exploiting transformative technology and AI to the full
  8. Making the Elderly Social Care System functional and affordable
  9. Take a root cause approach to ‘Taming the Internet’ and to Law and Order
  10. Underpinning ‘Education for Life’ with Technology