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AI - Accelerating and Managing Deployment

October 6, 2020
Updated January 2022.                                                     

This document on our Artificial Intelligence Future takes account of Probably42 discussions on the topic and also updates the recommendations in our submission to the House of Lords Select Committee on the subject.  

It looks at how we accelerate the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI), how we avoid or mitigate the downsides of AI, the impact of AI on society and how Government, Organisations and Society need to adapt to ensure a good AI future for us and for our children and grandchildren. It also, in passing, answers the question What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI and Robotics offer substantial benefits but there are also potential downsides, both predictable and unintended consequences. The overriding issue for society in the short-term is the potential impact on jobs and work and the repercussions of that. The danger is that this leads to substantial loss of jobs and as a result substantial levels of unemployment.


This document looks at all these aspects and identifies multiple political ideas under these broad strategies:

  • *Wholehearted Government Support for rapid deployment of Robotics and AI in the UK
  • *Address the barriers to AI deployment
  • *Develop a Deployment Framework backed by legislation
  • *Adapt our taxation system to generate funds from ‘new technology which has the power to replace jobs’
  • *Adapt our parliamentary system to manage the long-term consequences of technologies such as AI
  • *Clearly define Rights and Responsibilities of Organisations in an AI world
  • *Scenario Plan to address the far-reaching ‘work-related’ and societal change that will result over the next 50 years

This document is one of three documents on AI which were written in sequence and each relates to the previous one.

Artificial Intelligence - Accelerating and Managing Deployment (This introductory document to the topic)
Artificial Intelligence - Detailed Scenario Planning for an AI Society (Detailed Scenario Planning of alternative potential scenarios)
Artificial Intelligence - Managing the Impact on Society (Additional proposals drawing on the Scenario Planning document)