Although Probably42’s purpose is to generate ideas on any topic, these ideas are very often in response to specific issues, rather than new opportunities.

Each month we have a topic of the month which you may like to consider yourself and provide input to, or comment on subsequently when we post the output.

In the Discussion Forum where we announce the Topic of the Month, we also usually include an Agenda which we use for our own discussion meetings. You can view these under the relevant topic heading at

We don’t use the agenda rigorously, it’s just there to scope the discussion a bit and keep us on the right track if we start to go off at a tangent.

Once we’ve had a discussion we also add a link to the output in the same discussion forum. You may want to use this as further input for your own thinking or discussions, or to compare ideas after the event.


If there is a topic you think is a big issue or opportunity for the UK, which we aren't covering, just make a suggestion to us by putting a post in one of the monthly forums.

Top 10 Issues

Probably42 is all about coming up with ideas on any subject but especially those that address some of the big issues and opportunities of our time. We’ve selected a Top 10 issues and opportunities which are addressed in the Manifesto of Ideas. So you can see both the issues and possible solutions in that document. If you visit the Manifesto section you can access not only the full manifesto but a short summary version and even a quick list of the top 50 ideas on the page itself.