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Artificial Intelligence Society - Proposals

February 4, 2021

This document provides proposals for an Artificial Intelligence Society. Along with the document Artificial Intelligence - Managing the Future it underpins the AI related proposals in our Manifesto for Society in an Artificial Intelligence Future. We define the AI Society as one in which Artificial Intelligence has become all pervasive.


 Artificial Intelligence is here and will change everything. The transformative opportunities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are well understood. AI can increase the quality of everything we do at the same time as reducing costs, a godsend for both Public and Private Sector. Every aspect of society can improve if we make the right political choices, but will we?


The Future of Work. We need to plan for far-reaching disruption of the job market. It is recognised that there will, over time, be widespread replacement of existing jobs by AI. Some believe this ‘Job Disruption Scenario’ will be mitigated by creation of new types of jobs, others believe AI is of an entirely different order, and that we will reach a ‘Tipping Point Scenario’ where there is a net loss of jobs. If that happens work may become a privilege! It would affect and overturn almost every aspect of how we operate our society.


This document builds on the Scenario Planning in Artificial Intelligence - Planning for an AI Society and identifies specific proposals  which are explained in the document. It lidentifies two sets of proposals under the headings: 

* The Job Disruption Scenario

* The Tipping Point Scenario

One of three. This document is one of three documents which were written in sequence and each relates to the previous one.

Artificial Intelligence - Managing the Future (The introductory document to the topic)
Artificial Intelligence - Planning for an AI Society (Detailed Scenario Planning of alternative potential scenarios)
Artificial Intelligence Society - Proposals (Additional proposals drawing on the Scenario Planning document)